Kevin from Scholaris recently undertook the editing for a book chapter that I was submitting for publication. His editing work was meticulous, checking inconsistencies in my text, greatly improving clarity, tidying my use of English, and also putting the text and bibliography into the ‘house style’ of the monograph series. He worked on a very swift turnaround—I was up against a tight submission deadline. Kevin’s personal background with academic writing and publishing is a great advantage here—he has a deep understanding of the field. I highly recommend him/Scholaris. ” – Dr. Louise Martin, Faculty, Archaeology, University College London

“Dr. Johnston has outstanding skills in conceptualization and synthesis that make him an ideal resource for clarifying ideas and structuring a presentation…I have depended on his intervention numerous times in preparing and developing my own presentations and publications. ” – Dr. Joy McCorriston, The Ohio State University

“This is very helpful. In particular, among other changes you made (all very nice and to the point), there were two places that I knew didn’t read fluently but I wasn’t entirely sure. I’m very glad that you spotted these and made elegant changes. Thank you very much for your work! ” – Graduate Student, University of Virginia

“My appreciation can’t be expressed in words, but thank you very much for editing my dissertation. It is now very beautiful, clear, and concise. You taught me many phrases and words that I did not know. If you could help me again in the future, I’d truly appreciate it.” –  Graduate Student, Tokyo University of Foreign Affairs 

"I recently worked with Dr. Johnston to write a grant, and was amazed at how quickly he grasped the fundamental concepts of the proposal... His insights and editing without a doubt made the difference between success and failure."

Dr. Brent Sohngen, Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State Unviersity

"The time and energy invested in academic research and analysis is often enormous, and the final write-up is often the most critical and challenging stage. Through deep understanding of how complex topics must be communicated in a clear and concise manner, Scholaris Academic Editing proved extremely valuable in the completion of our recent book manuscript."

Dr. Michael Harrower, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University

"I am extremely happy with your edition of these papers. It is perfect. "

Graduate Student, Massachussetts Institute of Technology 

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