What I Do for You

My job is to help you communicate your work as clearly, concisely, and persuasively as possible. To that end, I do the following:

– Find and correct errors of grammar, word usage, and punctuation

–  Where appropriate, rephrase sentences to ensure that you communicate your ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively

–  Eliminate ambiguity and repetition, improve narrative flow and readability

– Work with you until you are satisfied with the result


Copy Editing

Ensures that your entire paper has proper grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, and punctuation. 

ESL Editing

Your paper will read like it has been written by a native English Speaker


Line Editing

Improves the style, clarity, narrative flow, continuity, and readability of your manuscript.


My Unique Editing Process

Get Started

After you send me a copy of your manuscript, I will review it and give you an estimate of the number of hours of editing required. The estimate includes a sample of edited text from your manuscript.

Roadmap planning

When you are ready to proceed, I edit the rest of your manuscript and send you an invoice for the completed work.

Execution and Review

After receiving your payment, I will send you your edited manuscript by email. 

Working with you, we will complete the process by making the final corrections and revisions as needed.

From Dr. Johnston,

Put My Editing Expertise to Work – for You

Ready to get started on a remarkable manuscript?


For the client, editing on a per-hour (rather than a per-page) basis is most economical. Payment is conveniently made through PayPal.

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